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Its the middle of the swinging sixties and in the small Midlands town of Dodbridge, the young are lapping up all the music, fashion etc and in particular the girls of the town are feeling newly liberated, as with the advent of the Pill, they can indulge as much as the lads do, without baby worries. One fly in the female ointment, is Tim Whelan, a 24 years old, tall, dark and extremely handsome man, who is very much sought after by the girls of the town. However, his DNA has gone awry and he has no normal male sex drive whatsoever, and shows no interest in the girls there. This is regarded as a serious slap in the face to the many attractive girls there and must be redressed at all costs, so various female factions set out with diverse plans, to ensure that he does conform to the normal male type. Amongst these is Tim’s mother Betty, his sister, Marianne, Mary Clark, one of the local beauties but towering over all of these is the formidable Stella Mitchell, chairwoman of the local WI who is determined that it will be her daughter, Janey who secures Tim’s affections.
The chase includes visits to seedy areas by WI members to obtain supplies of Spanish Fly to administer to Tim, which leads to much confusion, a visit from Tim’s lecherous uncle Percy to try and lead him down the path of immorality, an attempt to match Tim up with a French temptress from a twinning visit and finally a determined attempt to line him up with a drop dead gorgeous brunette heading up a revivalist group visiting the town. Do any of these work? And does Tim do his manly duty? Well the only way to find out is to read the book! Hope you enjoy it!

Belletristik und Literatur
30. November
Dan Davis