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If you are seeking access to equity or finance from a bank or bank-related institution, your company will need a Basel II rating. How does the Basel II Rating differ from previous credit ratings? What specific information will your bankers require for the rating? What can you do to ensure the most favourable outcome? Unfortunately there is no mathematical or scientific solution to these questions. Approval of your request will largely depend on your ability to provide not simply the relevant information, but a tactically effective line of argument. If you under-represent your project, even if it does not fail the rating test outright, it is likely to get it assigned to a grade below its merit. The penalty is reflected in the conditions of the desired facility, especially, the rate of interest. Marc B. Lambrecht's The Basel II Rating shows you what information to assemble and exactly how to make your case in order to maximise your rating results. His book will help you argue the success potential of your business; accurately define the financial basis on which that success can be realised; and present your credentials convincingly. Follow the framework, use the advice and the techniques he suggests and you will make a convincing case for your business and the value and risk of the project for which you are seeking finance. This book can help you ensure continued access to business finance and equity on the best possible commercial terms.

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15. Mai
Taylor and Francis