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In Master Salvador's Dilemma, Salvador Belmonte originally sets out to find two subs to complete his triad. But that's just the start of his problems. He convinces his friend Edward to lend him his gay sub Olafur Jonsson for the night and, loving to play tricks, Edward also adds his old friend Rose Barton to the mix. Rose is the woman of Salvador's dreams, but she flees after a misunderstanding, and it's only by chance that Salvador finds her again. However, Olafur soon seeks refuge with Salvador and Rose after Edward cheats on him one too many times. Tensions quickly rise due to Olafur's sexuality and Rose's jealousy. So what do you get when a bisexual Dom, a gay sub, and a straight woman try to make a triad? A dilemma that Master Salvador will do anything to solve. But will he succeed?

In Lucifer's Errant Sub, Devil is running for his life. But from whom? Either way, Devil throws himself in the river to escape them and washes up half-drowned. Count Lucius Vladmir Dragovi, known as Lucifer, finds him and nurses him back to health. Along the way, the two fall in love, but after a misunderstanding, Devil is on the run again. He makes for the coast, trying to get to Britain, but he has no money, no papers. He ends up smuggled across the Channel, hidden in a lorry, but he has to work to pay off his debt, discovering in the process just what he wants and who he loves. He's tasked to work in a sewing factory, until the police raid it. Devil is reunited with Lucifer, who organized the daring rescue. Lucifer then introduces Devil to the BDSM lifestyle and The Blood Red Rose club, where the two find their happily ever after.

In Virginia's Awakening, Virginia Laurens's husband takes a young mistress and throws his wife out of their home. Penniless and alone, Virginia secretly spends her nights in The Blood Red Rose Club. Valkyrie has loved Virginia quietly since he first set eyes on her, but, given her marriage, he kept his feelings to himself. However, one night he discovers her hiding in the club, and their overwhelming feelings cannot be ignored. Valkyrie helps Virginia rediscover the woman that her husband worked so hard to crush. After a make-over and some new clothes, Virginia begins to blossom with confidence, and Valkyrie gives her a taste of the BDSM lifestyle. But Virginia still has some insecurities to overcome. Can she break free of old habits and seize her chance at happiness? And when her relationship with Valkyrie is threatened, are they strong enough to stay together?

In Davy Meets His Match, when Davy Jones interviewed Dommes, he didn't expect to meet the woman of his dreams. But just what is Juniper Bale hiding from him? At The Blood Red Rose Club, Juniper is challenged by two macho subs, but when she bests them both, she knows she's made enemies. Davy offers to drive her home, but Juniper is fighting the attraction she has for him, reluctant to admit she's not the Domme she claims to be. However, one touch between them sparks immediate and uncontrollable passion. Some of the things Davy says to her trigger bad memories, but she refuses to tell him the details. Juniper agrees to submit to him, but only if he promises to keep her secret at the club. However, Juniper is soon made the target of a hate campaign, which causes both Davy and Juniper to reevaluate their relationship and future. Can they get rid of their demons and seize their own happiness?

In From Russia with Rope, they say three's a crowd, but that is certainly not the case with Dimitri Orlov and Valentin Polyakov. The two drop-dead-gorgeous Doms have a passion for rope...and for Olivia Dalguise. Olivia is attracted to them both, but she's hesitant to commit. She wants to settle down, have a life, but Valentin's position is precarious, and losing him would break her heart. Olivia wonders if her love will be stronger than her doubts, but the decision is suddenly taken out of her hands. When she finds herself and Dimitri's pregnant Borzoi in danger, she realizes she both loves and needs her men. But can the Doms of The Blood Red Rose Club arrive in time to rescue both Olivia and the pups? And can Dimitri and Valentin come up with a way to give their sub the happily ever after she wants with the both of them? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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February 21

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