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Ten-year-old Virginia has never really paid any attention to her dreams. Until now, a month after her mother was believed drowned in Wales, she has dreams like none shes ever had before.

A recurrent nightmare of a ferocious red dragon makes her afraid ever to sleep again. Then the dragon beckons her, and at school, she sees the dragon emblem of Wales and recognizes her dream dragon.

Her mother might not be dead! She tries to get her father to take them to Wales to find out. He is skeptical at first, but then he has the same dream!

They are soon in Wales, meeting a mysterious old woman who claims to have seen her mother. She also claims to have sent Virginia the dreams!

The trail is full of action and adventure! Theres a white cliff and a black hole that seems impossible to escape. Theres a terrifying bat-infested cave and a storm at sea, where it looks like they will share her mothers fate in the freezing ocean. Everything she knows about survival is put to the test!

There are truly horrifying people, who want to include her in their macabre plans, plans that include her missing mother.

Virginia believes that youve got to give all youve got when something really matters. It really matters to find her missing mother, and she puts everything shes got into all the incredible challenges that she faces in her quest to find her!

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Trafford Publishing

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