The Evidence of Things Unseen

Faith Revealed in a Family, in a Community and a Nation

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This book describes the author’s experiences in the evangelical community of faith over a span of 30 years that have led to his views on faith; how we experience it and the result of faith’s work in our lives. “The Evidence of Things Unseen - Faith Revealed in a Family, a Community and a Nation” describes the evidence of faith first initiated in the family experience, then developed in the faith communities. The text illustrates how faith developed in evangelical communities will result in a certain view of our nation and its governance. This leads to the paradox that these views often conflict with biblical principles taught by those communities. The concluding section of this book suggests a reason for this conflict and a proposed remedy. The urgency of this publication is in its relevance to our current times with regard to how people of faith vote, how they react to political events and ultimately how they view the function of our government including the interpretation of our constitution. This book contains a unique message that is relevant for this unique time in our nation. Filled with touching anecdotes from the ministry, the classroom and the workplace it is a fast read that will move your heart and give you a new perspective on faith.

Religion und Spiritualität
18. November
WestBow Press