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Coming of Age—in Two Generations.

Landon J. Napoleon, author of the "briskly told and well-drawn" legal drama The Rules of Action (Kirkus Reviews), has an uncanny ability to cross genres with distinct narrative voices. The Flatirons reconfirms that ability by weaving together two tales that leapfrog between the modern world and New York of the 1920s.

American editor Joel Quinn is living the hedonistic dream in 1990s London—sex, drugs and all-night raves—when his world is rocked: His mother is suffering the ravages of an unexpected illness, barely clinging to life. Called home to Boulder, Colorado, Quinn is confronted with grief, family, an imploding career and, most unexpectedly, a persistent Scotland Yard detective who’s investigating a crime that points to him.

As everything falls apart Quinn works to unravel the pain of coming home. Ultimately, it’s the women in Quinn’s life who point the way to what he seeks. They also begin to unlock a family mystery—one with roots in the murder, chaos and underworld of New York's storied gangland of the 1920s.


Praise for Landon J. Napoleon’s debut novel, ZigZag:

“One of the boldest and most original first novels to appear in a long time. It’s also very funny, in a way that only the raw street-song of truth can be funny.”

—Carl Hiaasen

“A remarkable debut portraying the inner life of a disturbed ghetto teenager as he attempts to grow up in the frightening world he’s inherited… An unaffected, moving, astonishing insight into the heart of a troubled, silent genius.”

—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“… this mixture of comic adventure and paean to the values of volunteerism is a vivid read. An impressive debut novel…”

—Library Journal (starred review)

“Landon J. Napoleon conveys the strength of the human spirit through his wonderful creation, and in the process tells an engaging and enriching story.”

—Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers

“… an adventure that has all the tragic-comic energy of a latter-day The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Like Twain’s classic, this novel excels at adolescent monologue.”

—Arena Magazine, United Kingdom

“… an affecting tale of the triumph of hope over desperate circumstances… a modern day Of Mice And Men.”

—The Times, United Kingdom


“Briskly told and well-drawn… this legal thriller (The Rules of Action) does what many courtroom-based novels and television shows do not: It stays true to the actual practice of trial law… A fast-paced tale of justice in action and a remarkably accurate portrait of a trial lawyer’s daily grind… Prospective law students are frequently encouraged to read law-student memoirs or legal hornbooks, but for a realistic view of litigation and a great deal more action, they’d do well to add this legal thriller to their reading list.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“The Rules of Action is of the most compelling and entertaining books I have ever read on the strategy and gamesmanship of the legal process.”

—Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods

“Weird, funky, and offbeat… Deep Wicked Freaky is a harrowing, hysterical, and ultimately life-affirming romp through America’s dark and desperate underbelly. Landon J. Napoleon’s prose is gritty, jagged and full of passion.”

—David S. Goyer

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3. November
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