The Floating Day

Returning The Ten Commandments To The Modern Church, Vol. I

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God desires His children to live by faith in His words, but we cannot live what we do not know. To run with God’s words, we must first learn to crawl and walk. To compete in a race, an athlete must train. Understanding the Ten Commandments is the key to unlocking God’s instruction and to equip us to live God’s will in our daily lives throughout eternity. In The Floating Day: Returning the Ten Commandments to the Modern Church, Volume I, author Douglas Marmion shares the foundational truths of the Ten Commandments and the purpose of fully understanding and applying these statues. 

While all scriptures prepare us for life in the modern age, the Bible requires a prerequisite knowledge of the Ten Commandments to ensure that God’s children walk in His teachings. Marmion’s biblical study takes us on a journey using the Ten Commandments through the Bible so that we can prepare for life with God’s guidance.

The Floating Day explores how, using the Ten Commandments, we can access life-changing discipleship rather than relying upon man-made, modern-day, traditional church doctrine that remains on the surface of Christianity. With an impassioned call to return to the eternal truths in the Ten Commandments, Marmion will encourage us to embrace God’s wisdom before Christ’s second coming.   

Within these pages we discover: 

1. How to call any day a Sabbath and why;

2. Why we should review the Ten Commandments frequently;

3. What the Ten Commandments hold in common with support of the local church;

4. How unending is the power of God’s words as Marmion reminds us of who we are in Christ. 

For church leaders or those seeking in-depth, Bible-based learning, The Floating Day is a groundbreaking supplement to deep scriptural study, motivating Christians to boldly walk in the wholeness of God’s truth. 

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