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Four of Elliot Silvestri and Grace Vilmont’s favorite stories are gathered together for this collection of erotica for everyone to enjoy. Green Bush Publishing is proud to present these four tales of sexual depravity. From Elliot Silvestri: The Prince’s Whores, Taking Gwendolyn, and Selling Myself. Grace Vilmont gives us In The Harem.
Total length is 42,000 words. This collection is intended for adult audiences.

Content warning: This collection features graphic sex, forced impregnation, anal sex, pregnant sex, prostitution, rough sex, group sex, depictions of BDSM, unintended pregnancy, erotic situations not all members of the public will enjoy, and other strong depictions of adult sexuality. Explicit language and adult only content.

The Prince’s Whores
Henry is the Prince of the City and he has a taste for women in the many bordellos that fill Yort. As Crown Prince he has but one official duty at the present: to fill his wife’s belly with a child, a duty he has failed at for the past two years. The king is becoming anxious for the next heir and Princess Midori is becoming anxious from her lack of satisfaction in the bedroom. She decides to find satisfaction in the whorehouses that her husband patronizes.

Taking Gwendolyn
Gwendolyn has a secret sex fantasy that’s going to get her in trouble. She wants her boyfriend Glenn force her to have sex. It’s just a fantasy but she knows what she wants—pretending to be raped—is wrong on every level.

Selling Myself
Being an artist in a small city is not the way to make a living. Being a prostitute is only slightly easier. Keeping those two lives separate is difficult, especially when love blurs the line between boyfriend and client. Alice never thought she’d have to sell her body to survive, but find that she loves doing it—except for all the emotional entanglements.

In The Harem
Rowen had been a tavern wench and part-time prostitute until she was sold to be a harlot in a harem. She had resigned herself to her fate—along with her fellow unfortunates—but while serving in a harem might have been tolerable, being subservient to her new lord’s chief concubine was unbearable. Rowen has a plan to escape her servitude and turn the tables on her tormentor…

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1. April
Elliot Silvestri

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