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Morgan Fey Moss is a modern day Cinderella. After losing her mother in a tragic car accident, her father vanishes under mysterious circumstances right after marrying her opportunist stepmother, Pamela. After her father's disappearance, she's left with a stepmother who never wanted the responsibility of raising her. 

Morgan feels like a stranger in her own home.

One day, a mysterious visitor arrives at Morgan's house and everything changes. The charming stranger turns out to be her grandfather, Arthur Achron. He is able to easily convince Pamela that Morgan should stay with him at his home in Locke Lake. Morgan is uncertain, but she has a feeling that moving in with her grandfather is better than coping with her stepmother. Besides, her grandfather can tell her more about her parents. With sadness for what could have been, but seeking answers, she leaves the only home she's ever known. 

Her grandfather is charming but unorganized, and the combination makes Morgan feel at ease. He has some of her mother's possessions and keeps pictures of her, and Morgan feels that although her home isn't picture perfect; she is where she belongs at last.

She is enrolled at H.B. Locke, an Achron family tradition. After following another student into the woods and to a secret location, Morgan soon discovers that H.B. Locke conceals another building far out on the isthmus. Although it seems abandoned, she senses something familiar about the place. Strange things happen to the trinkets her father left her whenever she goes near the structure. 

Can the mysterious items her dad left behind get her inside the mysterious place? Her timepiece and a book of poetry are the key to entering Elderwynne's, an academy founded by early Colonists who were persecuted in Europe for their magical abilities. After an alliance with the Native American tribes in the area, they perfected their skills in magic to become something beyond witches or wizards; they are Illuminiers - able to manipulate a magical framework that many can't see.

Once Morgan gets in, will she get into trouble? Will her presence cause a stir among the Illuminiers of Locke Lake? Inside of Elderwynne's she learns that there are people that know more about her parents than she does. Still, there are evil elements inside and outside of Elderwynne's that can and have manipulated her.

Young Adult
March 23
Patricia Arnold

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