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By teaching your students the International Phonemic Alphabet (IPA) you are giving them the key to English pronunciation. Not only will it help them with their pronunciation and self-confidence when speaking, but it will also support their independent language learning outside the classroom.

This enhanced ebook is designed for the electronic classroom environment as a supplementary tool to the existing learning/teaching materials available for the classroom in printed book format from the publisher. It is designed for the busy teacher who wants to teach the phonemic symbols using a fun and reliable method and is particularly supportive of the teacher who has not had much experience teaching the symbols or who feels that their own accent may interfere with the process. 

The main content of this book is an electronic grid which can be used to replace the teacher’s drilling input when the slideshow button at the top of the screen is selected.  It can be paused at any time during the drill to allow the vowels, diphthongs and consonants to be drilled separately.  Each phoneme can also be viewed separately by clicking on the symbol in question.  The symbols have been colour coded; red for vowels (short and long), green for diphthongs and blue for consonants.  Each phoneme is repeated twice with an example word and picture, before returning to the Phonemic Grid screen.  This technique makes it easy for students of all ages to quickly recognize the individual symbols and their sound and is particularly effective at primary school levels.

It also contains 2 electronic Flashcard Activities for the classroom and a glossary of mimes for each phonemic symbol as well as teacher tips on how to begin teaching them.

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