The Psychology of Trading: How to Create and Maintain Your Winning Edge

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This ground-breaking work will likely change the perspective many in the investment community have when dealing with the complex world of trader psychology. Jankovsky presents a simple and common-sense solution to the timeless and eternal question every trader tends to have: "How do I make more money from my trading?" Jankovsky confronts head-on the issues of Market Analysis, Discipline, Trading Systems and the use of Technology as viable solutions to this difficult question. Most traders are typically suffering losses regularly and the author shows conclusively why that problem is embedded inside the typical trader's psychology they bring to the table before they even do their first trade. Offering many fresh insights and new perspectives to ageless trading issues, confronting conventional thinking and destructive education, yet providing simple and easily enforced solutions; The Psychology of Trading is without a doubt the best work released by Jankovsky to-date.

The material is broken down into four separate and easy to understand sections, with chapters grouped so that each section provides a complete understanding of where the author is going through the entire book. By the time the reader finishes the last chapter and pauses to reflect on what was learned—there is no doubt that he or she will have a firm grasp on their own trader psychology, why their method of participating isn’t paying them more, why they suffer reoccurring losses, and lastly—quite frankly the best benefit—how to re-set their thinking into a net-winning approach; an approach they can enforce daily for maximum returns.

If you are a fan of Jankovsky’s other books (Trading Rules that Work, The Art of the Trade, and Time Compression Trading—all from Wiley & Sons Publishing) then you need to complete your collection with The Psychology of Trading. Time will show that the complete picture of market-knowledge Jankovsky discloses is one of the most unique ever documented and one of the most significant. His total body of work will heighten your market understanding and provide you with solid clues to your own needs as a trader.

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11. März
Jason Alan Jankovsky

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