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Would you love to recreate that ‘takeaway curry taste’ in your home kitchen?

Have you bought numerous 'Indian' cookbooks but been disappointed with the results?

Have you found that the recipes in many of those 'cookbooks' never taste like a restaurant or takeaway curry? 

Ever wondered why? Simply put, the recipes in those cookbooks are not restaurant and takeaway recipes. This book is different! It reveals not only real ‘curry house’ recipes, but insider trade secrets to achieve ‘that taste’ we all love and crave. What’s more, it contains links to 12 videos exclusive to this book that show you the essential techniques needed to create your favourite restaurant and takeaway dishes at home.

In The Secret to That Takeaway Curry Taste you will discover:

• Which ‘key’ ingredients create ‘that taste’

• Why the ‘base gravy’ is the biggest key

• How to recreate many curry house favourites – Balti, Bhuna, Rogan Josh, Chicken Tikka Masala, Korma, Madras, and more...

• How to make perfect curry house Pilau Rice every time with the author’s ‘Guaranteed Perfect Results’ method

• How to cook a curry and have it on the table in only 10 minutes

• How to make delicious soft chapatis and naan breads

• How an Englishman with very little professional training not only ‘cracked the secret’ of Britain’s favourite food, but also opened his own ‘Indian’ takeaway

• How you too can open your own curry business

The legendary Pat Chapman, of Curry Club fame, read The Secret to That Takeaway Curry Taste and this is what he had to say:

"An articulate ebook which I am sure will reveal that BIR secret, helped along by its friendly, chatty approach. Best wishes, Pat Chapman."

Here’s what others are saying about The Secret to That Takeaway Curry Taste.

“I made your Madras at the weekend, and after cooking traditional and BIR curries for over 40 years I didn't manage to achieve anything like your recipe. I'd knew about base sauce, tandoori sauce and tomato sauce with spice but hadn't achieved it spot-on like your recipes. Thanks very much, and please put me down for a copy of your next book! Kevin.”

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Achari Gosh. I made it on Saturday and it was one of the best curries I have ever had! This is my new curry now! Phil.”

“I’m almost finished with my first batch of your base gravy. I’ve been eating takeaway Indian food and making curries for 20 years or more, and many of the different base gravies I’ve tried have been good, but Holy Hell I’ve not even finished your base and just by sniffing over the pot I can smell that 100% Indian restaurant curry smell! Fred.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been searching for 40 years for this and I have tried every cookbook under the sun and nothing has got me close. Your book has achieved what all the others couldn’t. Keep it up! Jason.”

Special Features

• 12 new video links exclusive to the book

• 25 Top Tip sections dedicated to giving you the tricks of the trade not revealed in most curry recipe books 

• Probably the most extensive coverage of the all-important base gravy of any curry recipe book

• Real tried and tested advice on how to go about opening your own curry outlet

The book comprises 9 chapters and 119 pages all dedicated to revealing the 'trade secrets' of Britain's favourite food by far. It tells the story of a guy who spent over 20 years on a mission to find out exactly how Britain's 'Indian' restaurants and takeaways make their food. This quest got him inside a number of restaurant kitchens, where he learnt the secrets of exactly how this food is cooked. 

In The Secret to That Takeaway Curry Taste, Julian Voigt reveals: 

• Why most 'Indian' and curry cookbooks in the bookshops 'miss the mark'

• Why onions hold the key to the 'that taste', and why many are NOT cooking them right

• Why there are some shortcuts you’ll want to take and some you won’t

If you’re serious about discovering how to make 'authentic British Indian cuisine' you must get this book

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26. November
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