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THE ACTION takes place in a large commercial town of the East.

The market square where various streets and alleys meet: around it, shops and stalls with every variety of merchandise - silks, earthenware, spices; open-fronted workshops of tailors and shoemakers.

To the right, a row of fruit stalls; flat-roofed houses of two and three stories with many balconies, some hung with carpets and others strewn with washing.

To the left, on a roof a tea shop further on, children are playing; two monkeys are climbing on the cornices.

Behind the houses are seen winding streets leading to the mountain houses, mosques, minarets, gardens, palaces, Christian churches, Hindu temples, and pagodas.

In the distance, on the mountain is seen the tower of an old fortress.

Amongst the crowd moving about the alleys and the market square, types of almost every Asiatic people are to be met with, clad in their national costumes: a Persian with dyed beard; an Afghan all in white, with proud and bold expression; a Baluchistani in a white turban with a sharp peak to it and short white sleeveless coat with a broad belt, out of which stick several knives: a half-naked Hindu Tamil, the front of his head shaved and a white and red fork, the sign of Vishnu, painted on his forehead;. a native of Khiva wearing a huge black fur cap and a thickly wadded coat: a yellow-robed Buddhist monk, his head shaved and a prayer-wheel in his hand; an Armenian in a black chooka with a silver belt and a black Russian forage cap; a Tibetan in a costume resembling the Chinese, bordered with valuable furs; also Bokharis, Arabs, Caucasians and Turkomans.

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29. Juli
Library of Alexandria

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