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Introduction to The Wellbeing Revolution
The Wellbeing Revolution is the author’s first work and is an introduction to wellbeing in the 21st century, post-industrial society.
The book explores:
1.the cultural influences of modern or industrialised society on the individual, families, communities and society.
2.how we can review our attitudes and build personal values for greater wellbeing.
3.how we can use initiative to build influence in our own lives.
4.how we can be proactive and grow as wellbeing warriors.
5.how we can become wellbeing warrior influencers and change agents.
6.How we can work together to build the Wellbeing Revolution.
The revolution is happening but what is it, and is it something we join? Good questions!
The Wellbeing Revolution invites us to become a Well Being Warrior and start the journey of growth and change!
There are 30 chapters guiding the reader on a journey of self-discovery to grow in skills and awareness, to build a wellbeing toolbox.
The toolbox represents personal change;
•moving towards greater wellbeing
•growing as a wellbeing warrior
•becoming an influencer
•becoming a global change agent.
The wellbeing warrior is encouraged to consider;
•their own personal choices and the impacts on their own wellbeing
•how to act from their own circle of influence and promote positive change.
The wellbeing warrior becomes aware of their own power to influence;
•greater wellbeing for themselves.
•old and outdated stereotypes
•the story about wellbeing.
Other themes of the book include
•building self-awareness and emotional resilience
•creating a new personal story of wellbeing.
•building resilience to face life challenges
•finding meaning during times of crisis
Importantly, it looks at the social and cultural context in which we live, exploring the impacts and challenges of living in age of the 21st Century and post-Industrial Revolution.
Readers are invited to consider the impacts of our choices as a global consumer society, on individuals, communities and our global neighbours.
The wellbeing warrior is on the journey to build their own self-awareness and sense of self-responsibility, as well as sense of agency.
Armed with their toolbox they journey towards greater wellbeing.
Some wellbeing tools include;
•Reviewing habits, attitudes and values.
•Using the process of action and reflection, as a tool for change.
•Building skills of taking initiative
•Learning the difference between responding and reacting.
•Building the habit of becoming more proactive.
•Understanding pain and fear.
•Tools for self-management.
The reader is invited to reflect and consider the potential for greater self-awareness, growth, change, renewal, healing and recovery.
About the Book/Author
The author lives in southern Adelaide, South Australia, and has a goal to self-publish their first book, The Well-being Revolution, and see it used as a well-being resource in reader groups, as a personal tool for growth, as professional development resources, as a community resource for groups, and for education and awareness of well-being and mental health.
The vision is that this book will be read, and won't just sit on the shelves, it will be well used as a wellbeing resource.
It will serve the reader as a self-help, self-management tool for well-being, health and mental health and it will provide the platform for people to meet together to explore well-being in a community setting.

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