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An action-packed martial arts fiction set in 17th-century China. Through The Wooden Men Lane is the first story in the trilogy of HEROES OF SHAOLIN.

The country has just been conquered by the Manchus, who would go on to rule China for 267 years, ending in 1911. The dynasty changes from 'Ming' to 'Q'ing'. Anti-Manchu activists work hard to drive out the Manchus and form a Triad Society 'to overthrow the Qing and restore the Ming'.

Foremost in their priorities is to enlist the Shaolin Monastery to their cause. The three young heroes grow up in the monastery where they develop superior kung fu skills. They must save Shaolin Monastery from falling into the hands of the Triad Society.

The young Manchu Emperor, Kang Xi, finds himself in Shaolin. When the power hungry Regent Oboi hears of the Emperor's whereabouts, he sends out his assassins. The youngsters must protect the emperor and help him seize back power from the evil regent.

Finally, there is the graduation test, in which Shaolin disciples must fight their way through the Wooden Men Lane.

This fast-paced novel traces the history of Shaolin Monastery and kung fu, while following the trials of Flint, Bussie and Tobie as they learn the skills they will need in their fight against evil and to become real Heroes of Shaolin.

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20. Januar
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