Tropical Constrained Environments and Sustainable Adaptations

Businesses and Communities

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This book investigates resource-constrained environments in the tropics and subtropics where people’s lives and businesses are affected, and adaptations occur periodically. 
Constrained environments are unique territories characterised by challenging circumstances, limited land and natural resources. They can be places with a small municipal boundary or cities in which parts around them may be consumed by ocean, bay or mountains. Those places face hard physical boundaries like coastlines and mountains, which in addition to policy decisions that may limit height or density, can also serve to limit capacity for expansion. Successful communities and businesses tend to survive in a changing environment given their strong intuitive and forward-looking adaptations.
This book delves into the role of urban planning and design in the promotion of business and adaptations of people and communities. Additionally, the focus takes into account impact analysis and the effects of an expanding populations, including growing migrant flows, and business needs on the built environment of land-constrained territories.
Simona Azzali is a lecturer and researcher in urban design at James Cook University Singapore where she coordinates the Master of Planning and Urban Design and teaches modules on planning and sustainable urbanism. She is a member of JCU's Tropical Urbanism and Design Lab, an interdisciplinary team of geographers, architects, sociologists and planners interested in tropical urbanism, and JCU's Centre for International Trade and Business in Asia (CITBA). Prior to commencing her appointment at James Cook University, she worked and researched for various renowned academic institutions as the National University of Singapore, UCL London, Politecnico di Milano, and Qatar University, where she also undertook her Ph.D.
K Thirumaran has over 15 years of tourism related research experience. As an academic, he has combined his professional experiences to discover and expand practice-informed research. Thiru’s research interests are varied, but his core specializations reside in service excellence, and cultural and luxury tourism. Thiru coined the term ‘affinity tourism.’ Affinity tourism refers to the propensity of guests to partake in ‘familiar’ and ‘similar’ cultural experiences to those of their hosts. He has published field studies on Bhutan, Bali, Singapore, Vietnam, India and Thailand. 

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16. März
Springer Nature Singapore

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