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Have a Roguish goodnight with nine must-read holiday tales by USA Today and Bestselling Authors!

The Gift-Wrapped Widow by Lynn Winchester

Mrs. Gianna MacGregor is a fool. A fool for marrying without the promise of love or happily ever after. Now, five years a widow, she is living a lonely life. A life where nothing can light the long dead fire within her. Until she meets him—Dr. Marcus Oberon, a former soldier, a recovering widower, and a diligent and persistent suitor. He wants her, she fights to guard herself against his gentle attack on her heart, but will they both get what they really want for Christmas?

How to Kiss a Debutante by Dawn Brower

Aletha Dewitt has everything a person could possibly desire—except real respect. The male members of her family are too archaic to value her potential. They'll understand soon enough though. Nothing will stand in her way, not even love. When Rafael, Conte Leone meets Aletha he falls hard, and he intends to win her heart no matter what it takes. The stakes are high and he has no intention of losing.

The Season of Lady Chastity by Christina McKnight

Lady Chastity longs to be seen as an individual, instead of always being grouped with her sister Prudence. Uncovering her family's secret leads her to the Earl of Mansfield, and a love everlasting.

Lady Holly's Jolly Christmas by Nadine Millard

Lady Holly has no interest in the Christmas season, and hasn't since the tragic death of her mother. She is coming of age, however, and her Grandmama has insisted on a house party to mark the occasion. Among the guests is the handsome and widowed Earl of Stockton who has as much reason to despise the season as Holly does. But fate and the arrival of a mysterious old lady have plans for these two. Will Lord Stockton learn to open his heart? And will Lady Holly finally have a jolly Christmas?

Christmas in the Duke's Embrace by Amanda Mariel

Disgraced and betrayed by those she trusted most, Lady Marina Ellis finds herself near death and in desperate need of rescue. Evan Lockhart, never expected to find a woman buried in a snowbank outside of his ducal manor, but now that he has he cannot turn her away. As Christmas approaches the pair form a bond neither expected, but can they overcome the obstacles standing between them and embrace their chance at love?

A Sprig of Mistletoe by Katherine Bone

Bartholomew "Bart" Fernsby became a railway magnet's ward after tragedy left him in a workhouse—a childhood he'll do anything to keep secret. Lady Catherine "Kitty" Egerton is privileged, determined, and intellectual, she desires more than being seen and not heard. When these two meet, sparks fly. But can Kitty's love free Bart's troubled soul and mend his broken heart?

Silver Bells and Mistletoe by Anna St.Claire

Lady Susan Winslow wants love and a Christmastide wedding. But when her father betroths her to a stranger—she rebels, imaging the worst. Lord Grayson Harding signs a secret betrothal to his childhood love, and almost too late, realizes he needs to woo his sweetheart to win her...but first they need to save her younger brother whose life is mysteriously slipping away. 'Tis Christmastide —a time for new beginnings. Will the season of goodwill send a miracle their way?

His Heart for Christmas by Aileen Fish

Facing her second Christmas since the loss of her fiancé, Helena relies on her favorite traditions to bring back the joy of the season, but her cousin's brother-in-law Duncan is questioning her every action. Will his meddling spoil her holiday?

3. November
Brook Ridge Press

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