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It has been twenty-five years since Ramtha's initial teachings in 1988 on UFOs and alien contact. Ramtha's message is unique in contrast to other traditional and popular explanations of UFOs regarding the nature and purpose of their occupants and alien visitors to our home planet. He removes the superstition and fear, the separation, and any sense of inferiority or need to worship that people may feel toward other alien races regardless of how technologically advanced they may be. He also points out what makes human beings unique and an integral part of a great, long-awaited, and carefully-planned future beyond contact and describes it in terms of interdimensional mind.

Ramtha's message for almost four decades remains as consistent and powerful as ever: You are all equally Gods, the creators of reality in a quantum field of infinite possibilities. You are all aliens on an away mission of exploration and evolution to make known the unknown.

This newly revised and substantially expanded edition of UFOs and the Nature of Reality complements Ramtha's original teachings of Raiders from Above and UFOs: Interdimensional Understanding and Making Contact from 1988 with the ground-shaking and recent prophetic teaching, The Opus of the Ram, delivered twenty-three years later in 2011.

We reconstructed the book entirely to incorporate these three teachings into one continuous flow in a single volume. This new edition is divided into three major parts: Part I: Alien Races on Earth, Consciousness, and Interdimensional Mind; Part II: The Great Armada and the War of Light; and Part III: Preparing for Contact and for the Future.

Ramtha addresses in these teachings the current Earth changes and challenges we face as a civilization which is on the cusp of waking up to the power that has always resided within each of us. The truths preserved for generations by the Schools of Ancient Wisdom can now be understood in a new light without the superstition of esoteric beliefs or the blindness of religious faith. This is now possible thanks to current scientific breakthroughs in the areas of neuroscience, genetics, and quantum physics.

Ramtha also discloses the alien races that remain hidden and have held our evolution hostage and the many others who love humanity and consider us their partners and family. He clarifies how they are coming to our aid in these critical times of change and are already making their presence felt. Ramtha gives specific instructions for creating contact consciously with his disciplines of the Great Work, and he describes the mind-set necessary for accomplishing this task.

The future that awaits humanity heralded and prophesied by the greatest enlightened teachers throughout time includes contact with other great, advanced civilizations and superminds that have left their mark and shared their DNA, knowledge, and wisdom with the human race throughout history. Nevertheless, our future destiny goes beyond that. Ramtha states in this book that a new heaven and a new Earth are emerging now on the horizon. People from every culture and persuasion all over the globe are realizing the creative power of their thoughts and their interconnectedness with nature and all life. It is a truth which is worth fighting for and that can no longer be prevented or suppressed. Humanity is finally waking up to that one fine morn of its enlightenment.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
9. Januar
JZK Publishing

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