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Chrissy McMullen #8

"Dangerously funny stuff." –Janet Evanovich

LA therapist, Chrissy McMullen and her on-again-off-again LAPD hottie, Jack Rivera, have agreed that it would be best for the civilized world if they ended their too-hot-to-handle relationship…

Until they run into each other at a posh Rodeo Drive restaurant. Chrissy is there with a date. Rivera is escorting his mother, who ends up guarding the restroom door while the ex-couple revisits their decision to break up.

Their reunion is definitely explosive—but it could also be deadly when the most bloodthirsty criminal gang in modern history arrives carrying a big grudge and lethal weapons.

Desperate to protect Chrissy, Rivera convinces her to leave town until it’s safe to return. Thus her frantic exile to parts unknown. Sans money, decent clothing, and any kind of technology, Chrissy takes an alias, becomes a waitress and defends her dubious honor while trolling for tips. She can feel her IQ dropping with every slack-jawed patron she serves; with the exception of Hiro Jonovich Danshov, the intriguing mystery man who Chrissy simultaneously hates and admires.

Will he teach her to defend herself before they kill each other or is he a member of the very gang she’s hiding from?

"Lois Greiman is a modern day Dorothy Sayers. Witty as hell, yet talented enough to write like an angel with a broken wing." –
Kinky Friedman, author of Ten Little New Yorkers

“Sexy…sassy…An entertaining series.” —Mystery Scene

“For the Janet Evanovich fans who are craving a protagonist similar to Stephanie Plum.” —CurledUp.com ing series.” —Mystery Scene

A delightful romp, a laugh on every page." –MaryJanice Davidson—Mystery Scene

"Just what the doctor ordered."--Publishers Weekly

22. Juni

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