Warning Adults Only: The 9 Daily Success Habits That Indirectly Make You More Sexual, Attract the Opposite Sex Effortlessly, Get More Sex & Walk Around with a Huge Smile Everywhere You Go‪!‬

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What women secretly wish YOU knew about dating and relationships... but will never, ever tell you to your face! 

"The Simple Secrets To Hotter More Frequent Sex Most Guys Never Learn...

By Changing Your Habits & The Way You Think!"

The ladies have been talking about you. And what they want you to know will change your life almost overnight. 

Releasing an astonishing "For Men Only" book that has become a sexual wake-up call for savvy guys of all ages, married and single. It explicitly reveals the ignored secret traits and habits of the type of men that women want, yet, desperately wish men would do... but will never say so directly to their face. 

This book is a must-read for any man who seriously hungers to take control of his life and effortlessly attract the women he wants (if you're in a relationship, these habits will make it become even stronger!). In plain English, you get a detailed breakdown of the habits that will turn you into a man that naturally brings out women's hidden sexual desires... their most secret romantic yearnings... plus a step-by-step blueprint of the simple change you MUST make in order to touch a woman's physical and emotional "hot buttons." 

Look – and the best part is... women will LOVE you for mastering these elusive habit secrets to gain access to their hearts! They are desperate for a man like you to understand what they want on a subconscious level. 

Here's just a "taste" of what you're about to learn: 

• You'll learn five habits that will allow you to quickly be able to "connect" with women on an intimate level that makes them weak to their knees! (No one will be "out of your league anymore!") 
• You'll learn how to say no and stop making excuses for yourself. Master this one habit and you'll never again be blind-sided by flaking, dates cancelled, arguments, misunderstandings, or mood swings that come out of nowhere! 
• Discover how to naturally increase your testosterone levels quickly & safetly (You'll have that ""super-intense"" confidence that women sense the moment you walk into a room. They can practically smell it on you... the way animals in the wild sense a stronger male's testosterone from a hundred yards away.) 
• Major reason you're not getting the sex you want! This HUGE mistake make by both bachelors and husbands... STOP doing these two habits, immediately! 
• And... Why you must dress for success before you're successful! (Why hasn't anyone told you about this "sure thing" before?") 

PLUS – unlike all the gooey "relationship" books out there, this book will feed you the exact habits you need to learn, so you can be yourself in-front of attractive women and not have to learn boring techniques (that are ineffective to begin with!).

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
28. April
Pink Villain Publishing

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