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Weird Like This

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A collection of short fiction. 43 stories, from horror, to crime, to post-apocalyptic.

The Three Dead Girls: A detective investigates the brutal murder of young girls in his small suburban town. Soon, he will learn a terrifying truth about who -- and what -- their killer is.

The Visitor: A young boy is home alone on a rainy day when there's a knock at the door. The visitor would like to come in...and he is very hungry.

Night Owls: An insomniac walks the streets at night. He starts to notice that the people he passes in the night look very similar. In fact, they all have the same face.

Red Christmas: Santa is out making Christmas deliveries. This year, Santa is delivering something that no child would ever want.

Last Cigarette: A hit man forces his mark to dig his own grave. The luckless fellow has only one request: a last cigarette.

Tourist Season: It's perfect day for the family to hike through the woods. They must be careful, however; there are hunters about, and they like big game.

Strange Country: In a post-apocalyptic world, society has fallen apart. A man and wife find refuge in the woods, but will their safe place stay safe for long?

The Grubbs: A new family moves into the neighborhood. They seem nice, but they have a horrifying secret.

In the Looking Glass: A man finds a nice mirror that's free to anyone who wants it. He take sit home. Soon, he will discover that he doesn't like what he sees in it's reflective surface.

Retribution: After a man's daughter is kidnapped, he spends years thinking of what he would do if he ever found the person who took her. Years later, he finally gets his chance.

These stories and more.

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7. April
Mike Ramon

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