Writers on Writing Omnibus Writers on Writing Omnibus

Writers on Writing Omnibus

Joe Mynhardt und andere
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Learn the craft of writing from those who know it best.

This is the Writers on Writing Vol.1 - 4 Omnibus – An Author's Guide where your favorite authors share their ultimate secrets in becoming and being an author.


•The Infrastructure of the Gods by Brian Hodge
•The Writer's Purgatory by Monique Snyman
•Why Rejection is Still Important by Kevin Lucia
•Real Writers Steal Time by Mercedes M. Yardley
•What Right Do I Have to Write by Jasper Bark
•Go Pace Yourself by Jack Ketchum
•A Little Infusion of Magic by Dave-Brendon de Burgh
•Confronting Your Fears in Fiction by Todd Keisling
•Once More with Feeling by Tim Waggoner
•Embracing Your Inner Shitness by James Everington
•The Forgotten Art of Short Story by Mark Allan Gunnells
•Adventures in Teaching Creative Writing by Lucy A. Snyder
•Submit (to psychology) for Acceptance by Daniel I. Russell
•Character Building by Theresa Derwin
•Heroes and Villains by Paul Kane
•Do Your Worst by Jonathan Winn
•Creating Effective Characters by Hal Bodner
•Fictional Emotions; Emotional Fictions by James Everington
•Home Sweet Home by Ben Eads
•You by Kealan Patrick Burke
•The art of becoming a book reviewer by Nerine Dorman
•Treating Fiction like a Relationship by Jonathan Janz
•How to Write Killer Poetry by Stephanie M. Wytovich
•Happy Little Trees by Michael Knost
•In Lieu of Patience Bring Diversity by Kenneth W. Cain
•Networking is Scary, but Essential by Doug Murano
•Are You In The Mood? by Sheldon Higdon
•What if Every Novel is a Horror Novel? by Steve Diamond
•Description by Patrick Freivald
•A First-time Novelist's Odyssey by William Gorman
•I Am Setting by J.S. Breukelaar
•Finding Your Voice by Lynda E. Rucker

Are you ready to unleash the author in you?

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Mehr Bücher von Joe Mynhardt, Jack Ketchum, Brian Hodge, Tim Waggonner, Kealan Patrick Burke, Jonathan Janz, Stephanie M. Wytovich, Mercedes M. Yardley, Jasper Bark & Kevin Lucia

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