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Ramana Maharshi's method of Self-inquiry remains mysterious in spite of its popularity. In the new concentrated practical guide "The Yoga of Self-Inquiry," American spiritual teacher Ramaji reveals the strategies, steps, stages and signs of success when following Ramana's path. Ramaji explains how to drop the mind into the heart. Then he goes on to cover advanced esoteric spiritual yoga topics like the true nature and source of the I-thought, Sahaja the effortless supreme natural state, the Heart on the right (Hridayam), Amrita Nadi and Aham Sphurana. These esoteric spiritual secrets are at the core of Ramana's tradition, yet they are neglected, avoided and even profoundly misunderstood by most contemporary non-duality teachers and authors.

This one of a kind guide to meditation will open your eyes to the deeper truths of Self-inquiry meditation (Vichara) and Advaita Vedanta as taught by the great sage Ramana Maharshi. Non-dual Advaita inquiry ("Who am I?") meditation in direct line with the great spiritual tradition of Ramana Maharshi is alive and well and being taught face to face in San Diego, California.

"The Yoga of Self-Inquiry: the Essence of Ramana Maharshi's Non-Dual Advaita Meditation for Enlightenment" is a new meditation guide that some may consider radical in its precision and revolutionary in its scope. The Table of Contents will give you some idea why this is so. You Are the Master Or You Are the Slave, The Two-Step Self-Inquiry Technique, Drop the Mind Into the Heart, The First Question: Who Is Having This Experience?, The Second Question: Where Do You Come From?, The Self-Inquiry Road Map, From "Batting Practice" to Falling into the Heart , Resting in the Heart As You Notice Your Thoughts, Noticing the Rising of Every Single Thought, You As the Heart Are the Source of Your Thoughts, The I-Thought Is the Hidden Mastermind or Big Dog Thought, Aham Sphurana: Light, Sound, Pulsation and Truth from the Heart, Sahaja and the Dissolution of the Point of Frozen Attention, Sahaja and the Disappearance of the World, The Joy of Self-Realization, The RASA Revolution, Journey to the Heart of Truth and Meet the Author.

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