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The story of 1+3=5 is a narrative so unbelievable that you could not make it up if you tried. An unexplainable tale about one man’s experiences in life and a forgotten child looking for her lost dad. So strange you will swear somebody made it up. How two people found each other, despite being separated by 3,000 miles and over half of a century. How life uncovered many things they had in common even though they never met before. Then one day fate stepped in. Destiny decided both would soon go down joining paths in their lives, taking them on a journey that would alter forever both lives.

It started from an unbelievable letter that would change many lives to a very difficult gut-wrenching phone call. A phone call that would expose secrets that had been kept for over fifty-four years. Yes, what unconscious twisting revelations life can bring to a human - but not only one human but an entire family. What happens when life decides to unleash history and the history of others? What happens when secrets are exposed no one was supposed to know about? Yes, 1+3=5 will make you rethink your own past. Not only will you rethink your past but you will also wonder if you have some loose ends of your own. Just maybe you will wonder if there could be secrets you don’t want to be uncovered.
As this heart-wrenching, inspirational story unfolds, it exposes the difficulties and challenges that uncovering secrets long hidden can bring to a family. How dealing with the relentless death of a loved one doesn’t mean no more difficulties will appear in your life. Even though one does not want to take on other responsibilities when life has beaten you down, doesn’t mean you can negate them. Yes, it seems sometimes when life is at its darkest that is really when the light becomes capable to shine through.

We will discuss how an emotionally driven letter was written and how so easily it was disregarded. How these two unknown individuals would intercede in each other’s lives. How their decisions would impact others standing and waiting on the sidelines. Yes, many people were involved yet nobody understood the severity of the secret clarity in the beginning.

Steve and Sarah both were venturing down a slippery slope; a gradient that could possibly go in many directions. Astronomical odds stood in front of them yet neither understood the severity of what they were about to open. But this day, Grace was to have its own way. This unique story was about to unfold changing many people’s lives forever. What was set into motion decades before became more important now than ever.

We now found ourselves in a brand-new card game; a game that nobody expected to be involved in. Yet, while each card was slowly flipped over, it was required that each player make crucial decisions with each flip of the card. Decisions that we would carry with us for the rest of our lives. Yes, this was a high-stakes poker game - a game that had the ability to impact and change all five players involved.

Have you ever wondered about that strange unexplainable noise you hear, those shadows that flash before your eyes, or the uncanny emotions that make you feel uncomfortable? Have you ever wondered where these occurrences come from, what could they possibly be? Never say never. Never close the door on what might be stirring or rattling those unwelcome things inside of you.

1+3=5 will make you rethink your own life. It will make you look differently at those around you, questioning what you think you see with your own eyes. Are you seeing what you think you are seeing? Or is our whole world just a mirage camouflaging illusions of reality, a deception to distort the brutal truth?

31 de agosto
Steve R.
Draft2Digital, LLC

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