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Temptation is as old as Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, succumbing to it is as natural as breathing to the gentleman of the haut ton. For prospective brides bent on fidelity, three of the ton’s ravishing beauties will help discern the faithful from the philanderers. What they hadn’t counted on was emotional entanglements…

Rhys Wakefield, the Earl of Granville, wouldn’t understand the notion of fidelity if it bit him in the arse. Meghan Townsend can attest to this with all the assertion of a woman who has come under his molten gaze and survived the ordeal with her heart and virginity intact. And when she learns he's in search of a wife, Meghan can see no one more in need of her help than the too trusting young innocent who is the current focus of his romantic interest.

After three failed attempts to lure the devilishly handsome lord into revealing his true colors, Meghan is still unconvinced that this particular rake has reformed. Resigned to the fact that getting the job done right means she must do it herself, Meghan presses her favorite gown and come hither smile into service, determined to prove her instincts. The task should be simple enough, after all he pursued her ardently once before.

But enticing Lord Granville proves an exercise in her self-control, for it is Meghan who finds she must rein in her physical desires and guard her heart against the man whose heart she’d unknowingly broken the year before.

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