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‘Oh I hardly think I’m just going to let you go having dragged you into a shady little alleyway, am I my love?’ He replied smoothly, his voice a deep, masculine bass with a touch of an accent that hinted at a London upbringing. ‘I have a feeling you’re a flight risk sweetheart.’ He grinned at her, his teeth remarkably clean and white despite his disheveled appearance.
Audra straightened up beneath his grasp, standing as tall as she could and glaring straight into his eyes with the intent to put him in his place. But what she saw there froze her vocal chords as completely as if she had been grabbed about the throat. His face was like the badly matched creation of a mad scientist, patches of milky white skin seemingly splashed onto the background of a deep tanned hide. But that was not what caught her attention; nor was it the stark white of his right eyebrow, or the snowy streak in his facial hair. No, all she could see was that one, terrible eye. His right iris was a pale pink shot through with darker blotches, and thin veins spread from around it like lightning bolts. The pupil was fully dilated and somehow glistened a stark, bright red like a maraschino cherry. It was obvious that he had no sight in that eye, and yet it seemed filled with some terrible spark of malice, like something that belonged in the skull of a demon.
‘Cat got your tongue sweetheart?’ He asked.

Life with the pack went from bad to worse in the wake of the werewolf attacks that found Hunter Dalton finally living with his own kind. Living a life surrounded by death and destruction he found himself part of a team of guardians for a child that he wished had never been born.
With the mother of the baby on lockdown, it seemed as though nothing more could go wrong; but evil always finds a way.
In a race against time, Hunter finds himself chasing the youngster across land and sea… But will he find him before it’s too late?

Ficción y literatura
marzo 5
S. L. Mewse
Smashwords, Inc.

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