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This was one of the worst volumes ever written where it was behind schedule with so many unfinished chapters. However, because the news feed is continually moving, it was better to have partial chapters with unfinished thoughts than none at all. There wouldn't be time to put it in the next volumes. As stated, just read the Elemental Chapters. To keep up with the news feed and what is published the next day, do skimming just to verify the news articles surfaced 24 hours after the volume citing the matching link was published 24 hours prior. Volume 35 is a continuation of Volume 34. It cites news articles from 7/23 of 2014 of Psychic Significance. It talks about the TransAsia GE222 Flight that crashed as a result of Typhoon Matmo (Henry). It cites Paul Hogan's divorce as Crocodile Dundee. There's reference to a Psychic Prediction linked to Patrick Duffy. Bromine 1 is regarding the Anthem stand-off as a Psychic Prediction of Coors Field vs. the song "Summer Sunshine" by the Corrs. Bromine 2 is about the plane crash of Samoa with [Redacted]. Bromine 4 is regarding the divorce of Paul Hogan as Crocodile Dundee and linke to "Along Came Polly" with Philip Seymour Hoffman as Sandy Lyle. It links to the theme of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica cited with the Malaysian Airplane Crash with a Buk Missile System made by Rastov born 6/17 like Thomas Hayden Church born 6/17 as Sandman in "Spider-Man 3." Bromine 5 is regarding "Shawshank Redemption" where the Warden calls Raquel Welch's poster a cupcake and LeBron James born 12/30 sending cupcakes to neighbors. Bromine is regarding Maple Leaf Assistant GM (7/13 for Alabama) [Redacted] Dubas in an article by SUN-aya for the Sun not being a "miracle worker." Bromine 7 is about TransAsia GE222 that crashed running into Typhone Henry (Cavill) as Superman. Bromine 8 is regarding Patrick Duffy as a Psychic Prediction linked to Matt Dallas as the character [Redacted] in "[Redacted] XY." Bromine 9 is about the Magical Land of Xanth. Chapter 1 is about "Star Blazers." Chapter 2 is about the People's Court. Chapter 3 is about a convicted killer suing the widow. Chapter 4 is about the sparrow caught in the fireplace of my parents' home on 4/12 of 2013. Chapter 5 is regarding "Scooby Doo." Chapter 6 is regarding World of WarCraft. Chapter 7 is about Virgin Nice Guys. Chapter 8 is regarding sexual harassment. Chapter 9 is how men can get raped, too. Chapter 10 is about Taylor Swift. Chapter 11 is about the rare coin analogy. Chapter 12 is about companies as eligible women unable to find nice guys. Chapter 13 is about North Korean lineage. Chapter 14 is about "Moulin Rouge" as the color of the Toyota Avalon. Chapter 15 is about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Bromine 10 is regarding the unusual anomaly of May flies that completely covered the weather radar for La Crosse, Wisconsin.

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Rod Island
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