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Jesus said not to be arrogant toward me, dont mock me, why do you hate me in your counsel (church)? I have been hated everywhere and loved everywhere. I am called life, but you call me death. I am the one that you despised, and yet you have professed me. Why do you curse me and honor me?? I am all-spiritual knowledge, truth, wisdom, eternal life (John 14:6), and all-understanding of all things. Only those that seek me (in John 4:24) in spirit and in truth and with an open mind, loving spirit, and a hungry soul for truth and only a heart of love will find me (Jesus). And I will give him or her all that he asks for. Hear and listen to my Fathers words (John 14:6, 17:17, and Eph. 5:26) that will give you eternal life. I have said to my disciples that after I, Jesus, and you are gone, Yaldabaoth (John 5:43, 8:44), called the father of error, will come as the angel/spirit/anunnaki of false light (2 Cor. 11:1315) and will teach so-called men of god words of a dead man (2 Tim 3:57). By doing verse 13 and doing verses 4:24, which is 1 Tim. 4:12, these are the men that Jesus warned us about in Matt. 7:1523. People will accept these teachings all because they think (Prov. 3:57) that they are pure and holy because they go to a building that the god with no name (the Fullness = Jesus) will never go into (Acts 7:48 and 17:2425). Singing a song or two, giving a buck or two, and saying that Jesus is my lord (Yaldabaoth and Savior = Jesus; Matt. 6:24), believing that they are safe from the fabled hell (2 Tim. 4:24). Everything in this book is and was taught as truth, which was authority (33 AD to 400 AD). After the Bible (400 AD) till now, all authority became truth. This book is for all those that are looking for eternal life in the Fathers kingdom (John 3:35). This book is for all humanity, no matter what religion you are, the temple or church you go to, or the denomination that you belong to.

Religión y espiritualidad
febrero 16
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