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College coed Cameron has just gotten the ultimate breakthrough on a story she has been working on for months now. A journalism student with a very bright future, Cameron is about to break the story of a lifetime. She's about to find out the truth about the urban legend known as Brain Drain.

For years, there have been stories spread across college campuses about a mysterious website that promises everything a girl could want, everything her image could need enhanced, at no price, only asking her to make payment with aspects of her mind and personality.

The legend is sordid and strange, though somehow all searches for the Brain Drain site have failed, the site only seen by those who it wishes to be seen by. Cameron finally has the connection though, a disc given to her by a secret source, and this disc will provide a direct link to the constantly changing secure server where Brain Drain is found.

This is much bigger than the college newspaper, but Cameron knows every good journalist starts somewhere and she made a promise to Sam, her editor that she'd break the story in his publication.

After calling to share the incredible news that her source came through, Cameron leaves Sam to some prior plans and sits down at her laptop, eager to explore and go over the actual Brain Drain site.

Firing it up, she's taken to a place, few before have seen and then accurately reported about, mostly due to their being so dimly intelligent after the visit. She's taken to the bright pink site with the slider bars offering such magic as bigger breasts, wider hips, hair color changes without dyes, and plump lips to perfect a girl's face.

It's all so revealing, so bizarrely simplistic looking, Cameron is taking note after note, recording her thoughts, picturing just how many articles she can write on the urban legend website, maybe even plotting her entire grad thesis.

Everything is going perfectly and Cameron is rolling towards journalistic legend status herself, until network issues become more than just a problem.

The college dorms have always had issues with insecure internet connections, but this is the worst timing possible as Cameron quite suddenly finds her internet hacked, even the mouse refusing to respond to her movements.

She sits there, watching as someone somewhere controls her laptop, controls her mouse, and through purchase after purchase on the Brain Drain site, ultimately controls her very destiny.

Who is behind this mysterious hack; what will ultimately happen to the once bright and intelligent Cameron? Find out in the biggest chapter yet to the legendary Tale from the Kreme that has girls everywhere discovering the wonders of being a true bimbo, Brain Drain: Hacked.

Ficción y literatura
julio 11
Kris Kreme
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