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Closer is a collection of poems, odes, songs, and words of wisdom intricately woven into three powerfully imaginative short stories: Firefly, Hail Mary, and Soul Cry. These stories will take you on a world wind adventure filled with a fantastic and mystifying joy ride. You will surely enjoy the read.

Firefly is about a couple who, through a mysterious invitation, get thrown into a world of adventure and intrigue. With each clue the curious couple solves, the more it draws them closer to an induction into a secret club, which will test the boundaries of their relationship. Will they survive? Who knows, but it will be a journey they will never forget.

Hail Mary is about a couple of young people, one in particular who is trying to find her way through life. She is a young soldier that grows in mind and confidence as she learns more about herself with every experience and each rebellious act. The antics that she pulls will eventually lead her to a downward spiral, but she vows to enjoy the way down as she bites into the forbidden fruits of life and freedom.

Soul Cry is by far the scariest story of a series of Soul Cry stories. In a race to find more places to drill for oil, the government inadvertently releases an ancient evil upon the world. The normal has become running. As these evil demons tear the world apart, there must rise an unwilling group of warriors to help combat the soldiers of hell and earth. Will they be able to save the innocent lives stuck in their care as the government leaders search for a solution to a terrifying new threat on life? The angels of God will rise to answer the call.

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