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Esther Hicks is the channel that opens the way for Abraham, a group of non physical entities to come through and present, the Laws of Attraction to a waiting audience. Jerry Hicks was Esther's husband and business partner who sadly passed away on the 22nd November 2011. Their success with books, workshops and seminars was never in question, and they were the inspiration behind the highly successful book and film 'The Secret'.

Through Sussan’s open channel we have attempted to achieve a direct connection to Jerry, and present an unbiased brief view of his life. There were questions I asked and in turn Jerry responded candidly, however in most cases he fully answered the questions. We talked about his life before Esther, his time in Cuba with a travelling sideshow, and his death from Leukemia. Jerry's strong understanding of marketing through Amway helped create his success with the Abraham programs. The answers rolled in and out of the conversations with extreme ease, and at times there was great amusement between us. I asked questions about his passing and what he encountered? I probed his feedback on how Esther may feel about us being in contact with him through channeling.

There were moments of pure joy and laughter, followed by serious contemplations about his past and the importance of living in the now. I found Jerry very straight forward with a strong manner as he engulfed us with his charm.

Occasionally he was reluctant to talk at length about his past, impressing on us that he did not want to spoil the image or influence the teachings of the 'Abraham Hicks' partnership, by introducing old irrelevant historical details about himself.

There is so much written about Esther and Abraham from the media and the internet, however we discovered there is little known about Jerry's personal life. We know various attempts have been made to discredit this type of spiritual encounter with non-physical entities, and at times people call the information misleading and quackery. There tends to be a habit of condemning what we don't understand, and none more so than the unseen world. After Jerry's death from Leukemia there seemed to be a small number of internet bloggers who came to the forefront and did just that. The most common questions posted were, 'if Jerry had access to the teachings of higher knowledge such as Abraham, then why did he not heal himself and even more importantly, why did he get sick in the first place?'

Jerry to his credit opens up with most of the answers and doesn't miss a beat. He spoke clearly about the time in his life with Leukemia and chemotherapy treatment. So why or how did this happen to him of all people? If you are a believer in the inspirational words of 'Abraham,' then you will have all the answers direct from the source. Hopefully this will fill the gaps for all time to the dissenters, and bring solace, joy and happiness to the ones who still follow Esther Jerry and Abraham Hicks.

However if you do not believe it is possible to contact those who have passed over then we would say, take the story of 'Conversations with Jerry Hicks,' reed it and make your own decisions. We have not compiled these discussions to sway or change your belief system. It is your choice and yours alone. The term 'free will' is used throughout the Abraham material and our non-physical mentor Osiris also confirms this by stating, Your world is your creation and yours alone.

We make this material available for those who may be curious or who have questions we may be able to answer through our connection. As always with free will, it is your choice to question, accept or reject the material.

We have never had the pleasure of contacting or meeting Esther or Jerry, but are mildly familiar with their published material. Our sole purpose is to share Jerry's story and so make it available to the public in a sincere and truthful manner.

So join us as we take a step through the looking glass to meet Jerry Hicks. His story will inspire you to understand who you really are, as we look into the life of this very human third dimensional person with his own special set of strengths, weaknesses, frailties and past emotional attachments to a physical life on earth.

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