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At the time the scriptures of the Bible arose nobody knew something about Covid-19 or the Coronavirus and nothing about vaccines. No wonder. Even 2 years ago nobody of us had any clue, what Covid-19 would mean to the world either. Yes, the whole situation is a great challenge for all of us. Especially in these modern times, we feel painfully alone in this universe.
This loneliness isn’t something new but happened also to the humans of the ancient times, in which the biblical scriptures were written. Loneliness, fear, diseases and enemies are constants that always accompanied human lives. Today we haven’t only lost our freedom and security through Corona, but independent of it, we have lost the feeling to be sheltered in God’s hand.
After a long time due to the Corona crisis, I went through the Bible again and was surprised how comforting it was, to have the testimony of the struggling by the authors of the Bible in hand. They had doubts and fought not only with their circumstances they were in, but they fought for their faith in God. Sometimes they seemed to me to be more desperate to lose their faith than to lose their lives. It was very comforting to me seeing them struggling not only with themselves but with God too. What a trust, to argue with God as with your fellow human. They wept, they were despaired, and they feared death. And even they doubted God, they didn’t let him go but fought for his presence and company. And God didn’t let them down.
This book is not more than a teaser. The Bible quotes are out of context and can’t fully be understood without it. Furthermore they can’t express the beauty of the biblical language. Our information society lives by quotes. But a book doesn’t only exist by quotes and not even only by words but has a spirit, which we have to discover to get the full meaning. This way the Bible can help us find our way through this hard times.

Religión y espiritualidad
5 de enero
Volker Schunck
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