Cunning as a Trickster

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Love is a weapon. . .

Evangeline is used to being sought after. As a star, her power is a deeply coveted prize, but when she finds herself in yet another dungeon, she's starting to wonder if she's destined to a life of imprisonment. She only wants to be free, but the worlds are desperate to keep her from living a life unburdened.

The Grimm Forest is an entirely new beast for Eva, but none of that compares to the glorious trickster dropped in the cell beside hers. Rumpelstiltskin is a selfish monster, but beneath his illusions and deals, Eva sees a creature worthy of love. Still, there are at least a hundred reasons to ignore the feelings.

Things are turning upside down in Grimm and Eva isn't sure what she can do to help. Locked away in the dungeons, she should be worried about fighting for her own freedom, not about how her heart aches when Rumple looks at her. The worlds are unstable. The darkness is rising. Will Evangaline's glow be enough to keep her in the light? Or will she lose the very core of who she is to the trickster who dares to call her by name?

The darkness is coming to Grimm. . .

If you like Sarah J Maas, Gena Showalter, J.R. Ward, Laura Thalassa, or Jennifer L. Armentrout, you won't be able to put down this highly addictive twisted fairy tale.

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Ficción y literatura
29 de abril
Kendra Moreno
Draft2Digital, LLC

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