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Tom can't wrap his autistic mind around the ideas of traditional dating. Tired of playing the dating game he comes up with his own untraditional methods of approaching and dating women that allow him to be who he is and relieves all of his stress and anxiety. Tom likes to be upfront and honest about his intentions with someone and feels like holding back is misleading them which could hurt them. Tom is frustrated that he cannot be upfront and honest in traditional vanilla dating so he looks for unconventional ways of meeting potential dates. One method Tom finds that works well is the sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship. Both parties in this relationship can be very upfront and honest with their intentions with one another however there is one problem with this type of dating for Tom. He is not rich. Tom also introduces the idea of writing a book about who he is, what he is looking for, what he likes about women, what his dates would be like with a woman, and what he would want their relationship to be like and giving it to women that he would like to take on a date and allowing them to read the book before agreeing to go on a date with him. Tom feels this would take a lot of pressure off of himself and remove all of his anxiety before meeting his date in person for the first time. This way the date will have no questions about who Tom is and she will see the real him. Follow along as Tom creates a dating environment that works for him and his autism. This is a great book for parents and professionals wanting to know more about dating with autism.

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Breeding Publishing
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