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The chunk of asteroid that hit Pittsburgh was only one of several that would fall to earth that day. Earthquakes, tsunamis, massive fires, and explosions became the catastrophe de jour. For weeks, tornadic winds raced across the scorched landscape as if searching for anything that survived. They twisted and howled with deathly whispers of an old man saying, "The science men can't stop it, the government men can't stop it, and God won't!" Author J.A. Burgess lures readers into a dreamlike world of apocalyptic events and human greed in a compelling story of survival, Denver DC. Survivors of an asteroid-devastated world emerge to find their survival now depends on a dangerous "food czar"-a ruthless killer who spent the dark days stockpiling food and medicine. Colonel Jake Westbrook has been asked to hunt down the czar, locate his secret warehouses, and return him to Denver for trial. Although he has no experience at capturing criminals, he is the only one the president can trust. Suddenly thrust into a secret mission, he finds himself teamed with an odd group of companions, including the beautiful FEMA agent Rebecca St. John and a cowboy named Bubba, who is sworn to kill the czar. When Rebecca is kidnapped by the czar, Jake realizes he has strong feelings for her, and the group is thrust into a maddening manhunt across a surreal landscape encountering murder, treachery, and betrayal. With rich characters and a brilliantly woven plot, Denver DC takes readers inside the sick mind of those ruthless individuals who find such catastrophes an opportunity to exploit the suffering and anguish of others and the heroic efforts of those who stand up against them. Readers can easily recognize the possibility of these events becoming reality and begs the mind to ask, "What if this really happens, and what would I do?"

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
diciembre 15