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As she picked up her handbag, the phone rang again. She thought about not answering, but in the end thinking it might be Mandy calling back she changed her mind. She lifted the receiver and got the shock of her life.
There was no way she didn’t recognize the voice on the other end. “Tisha, baby, how you been lately?” Josh Stewart’s voice echoed in her ear.
Oh no, she moaned inwardly. How in the hell had he found her when she had taken extra precautions to wipe her tracks clean in her travel from downstate up to northern Illinois.
“What do you want, Josh, and how did you find me?” She tried keeping her voice calm, but her insides were shaking with fear. Josh was the leader of the gang she had left behind. He must have something in mind had to be the reason he made the effort to track her down.
“Now why would you think I’d want something,” he said in a tone that told her he definitely was up to no good. “It wasn’t hard to track you down since you tried distancing yourself from your friends.”
Some friends, she thought in disgust. The last thing she thought of Josh and his cohorts were friends. More like the enemy. While he continued to talk, she heard a woman’s laughter in the background. It had to be Rosa. There wasn’t anyone else with a laugh like that. Tisha couldn’t stand Rosa or any of the gang members. This was the reason she had run hard and fast to get away and try to start a new life.
“We might head north and look you up some day,” she caught his words and felt her heart racing madly.
An image of his face filled her head. She had always thought he looked like the devil himself by the way he wore his black hair and the evil expression always covering his face. She could have kicked herself for ever becoming involved with the gang, but that was in the past and she planned to try to rid her life of them.
“I’ve been busy lately and don’t have much time for a social life.” As she told the white lie, she crossed her fingers and hoped he didn’t pick up the agitation that brimmed up her body until reaching her voice.
“I’m sure you’ll make time for the old gang,” he taunted her in a tone that told her he meant to make trouble.
“Listen, I have to run,” she told him.
“I’ll see you in the near future,” were his last words before the line went dead.
Tisha stood gripping the phone with trembling fingers. She couldn’t believe her past was going to catch up to her. A phrase sped quickly through her mind. Evil cometh. Josh was pure evil and he intended to disrupt her life in the coming days. She wasn’t sure when that would be, but she had to be on her guard.

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Mary Suzanne
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