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This book is designed to be an ancillary to the classes, labs, and hands on practice that you have diligently worked on in preparing to obtain your CompTIA Pentest+ PT0-001 certification. I won’t bother talking about the benefits of certifications. This book tries to reinforce the knowledge that you have gained in your process of studying. It is meant as one of the end steps in your preparation for the Pentest+ exam. This book is short, but It will give you a good gauge of your readiness.

Learning can be seen in 4 stages:
1. Unconscious Incompetence
2. Conscious Incompetence
3. Conscious Competence
4. Unconscious Competence

This book will assume the reader has already gone through the needed classes, labs, and practice. It is meant to take the reader from stage 2, Conscious Incompetence, to stage 3 Conscious Competence. At stage 3, you should be ready to take the exam. Only real-world scenarios and work experience will take you to stage 4, Unconscious Competence.

I am not an author by trade. My goal is not to write the cleanest of a book. This book will get to the gist of things, no frills no thrills. The only purpose is to have the reader pass the Pentest+ exam.

Before we get started, we all have doubts when preparing to take an exam. What is your reason and purpose for taking this exam? Remember your reason and purpose when you have some doubts. Obstacle is the way. Control your mind, attitude, and you can control the situation. Persistence leads to confidence. Confidence erases doubts.

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agosto 30
Ger Arevalo
Gerald Briones

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