Fantasy And Reality: Age Is Not Just A Number

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Of all known character flaws of the human race, some of them tend to be accepted as being part of who we are, rather than being rejected as undesirable traits. Such flaws as narcissism, egotism, arrogance and conceit may irk friends and colleagues, and reduce chances of success. Similarly procrastination, anxiety, shyness and diffidence may diminish personal initiative and lead to underachievement. Self-awareness can minimize their negative impact but it’s not a common virtue, as most people do not know how much they can realistically achieve in their own field of knowledge. Would it not be nice if we all knew exactly where we stood on the totem pole of personal abilities, looks and knowledge? Some people do, but most don’t.
This novel is representative of some of the above observations. It is set in the summer of 2008. The main characters are blessed with financial wellbeing and a higher level of education, but they are also divorcees, tormented by a strong and elusive desire to find the perfect partner to complement the rest of their existence. They are at a point where a major discontinuity in the way they live their life is needed to ensure a happy future.

- Anna is a tricultural sixty-year-old Belgian living in Brussels. She aged badly and feels lonely after two divorces and multiple affairs. Her looks being less than attractive, she fantasizes about finding her ideal partner online, someone to love her for her inner beauty rather than for her looks. As a well-known columnist for women magazines, she has a flair for romantic writing, a gift that enables her to attract men on dating sites.
- Anthony is a good-looking American businessman from Chicago. Divorced and childless at fifty-six, he is unable to find the ideal woman among his business and social contacts. He goes online and there he meets Anna.
- Monica is a sexy, flirty, multilingual and beautiful thirty-eight-year-old Belgian woman living in Paris. She is a simultaneous French-English interpreter and travels to different countries on short-term assignments. She too is at a stage of her life when settling down with a family of her own becomes an obsession.
- The three of them are brought together in an emotional fantasy world that ends up revealing their individual reality.

19 de diciembre
Victor Bellini
Draft2Digital, LLC

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