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Finding out how to leverage new tools such as crowdfunding, social media, internet marketing for filmmakers and modern movie distribution are essential for the modern moviemaker. And if you want to make more than one movie in your career, this filmmaking book is for you!Who should get this book?* Grab your copy of filmmaking stuff if you are sick of waiting for someone else to discover your talent!* Grab this filmmaking book if you are ready to take action and make your movie now!* Grab this filmmaking book if you want to understand how to leverage crowdfunding to raise money and find an audience!* Grab this filmmaking book if you want to find out about new methods in marketing and film distribution!* Grab this filmmaking book if you want to make, market and sell your movie without the middle-man!If you want to make movies, now is the time to take action! This book is a must read for serious filmmakers!What is included in this book?Chapter 1 Modern Movie BusinessRight now, with or without Hollywood, you have the opportunity to make movies and reach your audience globally! If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, NOW is the day when you stop dreaming and start DOING! Learn this stuff and you’ll never go back to your old movie making ideas!Chapter 2 Create Your StoryYou are now competing with filmmakers across the globe who are flooding the market with garbage. To be successful, you need to have a great, marketable screenplay. Something that you can quickly pitch to prospective investors and collaborators and have them say: “That’s an awesome idea for a movie!”Chapter 3 Get Movie MoneyGo from story to budget. You will also find out how to communicate with prospective investors in their language. You will also find tips on how to leverage crowdfunding and social networks to get money.Chapter 4 Manufacture Your MovieTo start a small business, all you need is an idea, some start up cash, raw material, production and a customer base – and a way to sell whatever it is you created. Non-discriminatory distribution allows you to create movies from anywhere in the world and reach your audience.Chapter 5 Marketing and DistributionWith DVD sales down, utilization of middle-men like sales agents and distribution companies is changing. The ripple effect means that you will need to create your own marketing, sales and distribution strategy.Add Filmmaking Stuff to your Filmmaking Book collection today!

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Jason Brubaker
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