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You may remember David as the boy who killed the giant with a slingshot. You may see him as the King of Israel. You may know that many of the Psalms are attributed to him. However, do you know how those Psalms were written? Did he just sit down one day and decide to write a nice Psalm? Nothing could be further from the truth. The Psalms were a natural part of his everyday experiences in prayer, admonition to the public, discourses with friends and music.

Flight from Destiny Psalmwriter: The Chronicles of David, Book I is the first volume of a six volume devotional novel on David and his life. The boy who became a king may amaze youoh not because he was extraordinary, but because he was so ordinary. He was just like each of us. Here is a boy who made his way through adolescence to manhood by the skin of his teeth. He fell in love and then lost his love. He acted crazy in front of royalty, showed great courage in facing the giant and yet was scared to death of those who hunted him for one purpose - to kill him. A number of hair-raising, exciting adventures - several of which bring him close to death will keep you on the edge of your seat. You may cry, but you will surely laugh at some of the hilarious situations in which he and those around him find themselves.

Sometimes a person just needs to face life as it is and go on. David had a hard time with this thought. For years, he felt his anointing by Samuel had been for the purpose of killing the giant. He resisted the thought that it was for any other undertaking. This was not the destiny of a shepherd. Heroes were the ones who should become kings. Yet during this confusing time of his young adult years, he encounters four men that will have a mighty impact on his life. One of them will save his life and another of them will have the audacity to tap the warriors chest in chastisement. Who will save the man and his followers when they are backed up against a chasm with six thousand soldiers against them? The answer may surprise you.

Get ready to empathize with David. Be prepared to experience his heartache, self-doubt, loneliness, despair, defeat and depression as well as his life of praise, prayer and victory. We will look in on his marital problems and raise his children with him. If we are ordinary like the man of this volume, then we may just see ourselves running from life sometimes - discouraged and defeated. We question God and search for him. In fear, we run from lifes problems and although we may not have someone trying to kill us, we still struggle with our marriages and our children. We still hurt terribly when we have lost that mate or that best friend. We want to know what Gods will is for us and how not to succumb to temptation and then when we do fall - how to come back to God with a contrite heart.

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December 12
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