From Panzram with Loathe From Panzram with Loathe

From Panzram with Loathe

The Complete Autobiography

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When we talk about the embodiment of evil, we tend to think about big dictatorial figures, like Hitler or Stalin or any other power-hunger politician around the world; and we quickly dissociate ourselves from those figures, because of course, we don’t have that kind of power, we wouldn’t do those terrible things ever! right?
But here in the figure of Panzram you’ll find yourself naked into the mirror of evil. Because this guy was alone, he wasn’t part of a State machine, or a terrorist organization, he was just a person like you or me, that decide to go full evil. And that is terrifying. How poor and fragile our nature could be, in front of the sweet reward of temptation for revenge.
Every time that somebody does anything that we don’t like, but we care about that something or that somebody, and it just pisses us off, we have the chance to calm down, or go evil; to take a step back or to take our revenge and go full Panzram on them; and that it’s why you will feel weirdly connected to the Carl Panzram’s life story.
Most definitely, you will feel like in front of a mirror for your mind. Because this guy will not hold anything back, and with his cruel honesty he will make you feel connected to the darkest thoughts that populate your mind every time things don’t go your way.
He almost didn’t have a chance to be good as we do now, or believe we do, in our current society. And if for us, it’s still very hard sometimes to take the good decisions, forgive and move on; imaging how hard and rough things were growing up on the 1800s. Life is still hard in the 2020s, but we do have a better chance for goodness, and that’s why I believe his story matters, because is a mirror and a lesson of what could happen, if we go the wrong way.

16 February
Alex Plaza
Alex Plaza

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