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The sound of a whistle filled the warm afternoon. A cloud of smoke rose in the air as the train came barreling down the tracks toward the station. Ethan stood as the train came to a screeching stop stirring up another cloud of smoke.
When the engineer jumped down from the engine compartment, he walked toward the door and opened it for the passengers’. Several couples exited first and an older woman came next. Finally, a young woman with long brunette hair and the deepest colored violet eyes stepped out. She was a petite woman with a curvy figure that was shown clearly by the tight burgundy colored dress she wore. Her angelic face was almost Ethan’s undoing.
He felt warmth spread through his loins, excitement filling him that he’d never experienced before in his life. Something about Jordan captured his interest bringing his senses to experience overwhelming sensations of lust. Ethan couldn’t explain his reaction to the newcomer. In the period of several minutes, he felt his heart beat increasing feeling as if it was ready to jump out of his chest.
Trying to keep his emotions in check, he moved forward hoping he could greet Jordan without bumbling and acting completely drawn to her. Her beautiful brunette hair reminded him of a fading sunset with the hair highlighted with sun streaks coating the thickness. She was gorgeous in every sense of the word. Mellie continued to hang close to him trying to capture his arm, but Ethan evaded her silent pursuit.
When he reached Jordan, he smiled a greeting. “You must be Jordan,” he said in what he hoped was a normal tone.
“That I am,” she returned his greeting with an eastern accent and a smile that tugged at Ethan’s heartstrings.
“Aren’t you going to introduce us, Ethan,” Mellie gripped his shirt sleeve.
“Yes, this is Mellie Jones, a friend of mine and as we now know, you are Jordan Manchester,” he said watching how Mellie listened to his introduction with a frown creasing her face. It was obvious she didn’t like the term he’d used. She wanted something more than just being his friend.
“Let’s collect your luggage and be on our way,” Ethan said, glancing at the sky. “We’ll just about make it to the ranch before the storm hits.” He was referring to the dark clouds billowing on the horizon.
“I have two cases,” she said taking the lead and walking toward the luggage the engineer had placed on the wooden platform.
Listening to her slight eastern twang set Ethan’s heart racing again. The softness and sweet sound filled his head sending his mind into another tailspin. Suddenly, Ethan sobered and realized he would have to get ahold of his emotions. There was no way he wanted Jordan to see how she had caused him such an emotional upheaval, but she had and it was hard to keep it from showing.

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agosto 16
Mary Suzanne
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