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How Wall Street Created a Nation: J.P. Morgan, Teddy Roosevelt and the Panama Canal narrates the dramatic and gripping account of the beginnings of the Panama Canal led by a group of Wall Street speculators with the help of Teddy Roosevelt’s government. The result of four years of research, the book offers the real story of how the United States obtained the rights to build the Canal through financial speculation, fraud, and an international conspiracy that brought down a French republic and a Colombian government, created the Republic of Panama, rocked the invincible President Roosevelt with corruption scandals, and gave birth to U.S. imperialism in Latin America. 

"... A new view of the history of Panama based on a thorough investigation..." The Miami Nuevo Herald 

“A fascinating telling of this scandalous true story.” Goodreads

“…a well documented example…in an informative, interesting, and even exciting style.” Choice  

“Well told and gripping. Espino does valuable work in pulling together disparate sources to tell a story that should provoke popular discussion and possibly more intensive study of the period and events.” Perspectives on Political Science

“A case study of how financial and political interests combine to determine and profit from U.S. foreign policy.” World Wide Works 

“The roles of Theodore Roosevelt…  and Wall Street are highlighted, with clear attention to their immediate motives--profit and power.” Book News 

“An intriguing look into the treachery, behind-the-scenes financial wrangling and Roosevelt-era dollar diplomacy that resulted in not only the Panama Canal but the establishment of Panama as an independent nation (and some few making a lot of money). Longitud

“Díaz Espino’s book grips like a thriller. ” America Economía

“…not a story told in American history text books.” Book Ideas

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