I Am Not a Syndrome: My Name is Simon

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The book is about the short and meaningful life of Simon Dominic Crosier, his family and his wonderful caregivers. But more importantly, this story documents the family’s battle to advocate for their precious son against a sometimes difficult and indifferent medical community. Simon was born on September 7, 2010, in St. Louis, Missouri. He was diagnosed with Trisomy 18, and lived for three memorable months before passing away in December 2010. Despite his disabilities, Simon had a huge impact on all who came into contact with him.

The Crosier family had to overcome challenges put in their way by the medical community and even extended family members who never valued Simon’s fragile existence the way they did. Author Sheryl Crosier's hope is that this story will help motivate health-care professionals and anyone else that reads this account. The lives of children, regardless of their diagnosis, possess inherent dignity and value, and they deserve the best care our advanced country has to offer.

All Star Press - Books that Change Lives - is honored to publish the e-book version of "I Am Not a Syndrome - My Name is Simon." It is a truly inspirational and moving story that we believe will touch many lives.

"Be prepared for smiles, laughter and tears. This is a book well written by an amazing trisomy Mom!"
Alex Hauber, Executive director Trisomy Advocacy Group

"I longed to tell Simon’s story of hope, faith, love and the peace which God granted me," explained Sheryl. "I want to help one understand the battles a family goes through and what a blessing life is no matter how short. It is evident that Trisomy 18 is a diagnosis, not a prognosis and a family’s love does not count chromosomes. Ultimately, God is our Maker and he knows our number of days. I write this book to demonstrate that our children are not a label and are not defects! They have a name and identity. They are children of God."

"There is so much more to this story than reading of a little boy’s journey. It is learning about the legacy for which he was here. Simon will live on in the hearts of many and I feel he truly has a place in mine. I don’t see Simon’s life as a tragedy but as a beautiful blessing. God knew what he was doing when he helped to choose Simon’s parents, for they are the ones who will bring his mission to its full potential."
-- Pat Jonas, President and Co-founder
Australian Rare Chromo Awareness Network (ARCAN)

"In reading 'I'm not a syndrome – My Name is Simon,' you will get angry. You will get frustrated. You may shed a few tears. You may not believe that our lauded U.S. medical system could have the audacity to label a newborn baby as 'incompatible with life.' And yet...

You will also smile with joy and laugh in surprise as you discover and wonder at the mystery of this unique child of God. Simon spoke louder than some who have lived on this earth for decades!" -- Rev. Marty Guise
Executive Director, Lay Renewal Ministries

"I Am Not a Syndrome - My Name is Simon" written by Sheryl Crosier. Edited by Andy Knef. Published by All Star Press - Books that Change Lives.

A portion of all proceeds from "I Am Not a Syndrome - My Name is Simon" will benefit SOFT, Support Organization for Trisomy 18, 13 and Related Disorders.

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