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<p>One moment can change two lives…</p><p>Keira Blake agrees to the blind date simply because she has a wedding coming up and no plus one. Tired of being the last single girl standing in her group of friends, she shows up at the bar with low expectations, but her ruggedly handsome date is far more attractive and interesting than she'd imagined. In fact, he seems too good to be true…</p><p>Dante DeAngelis, the star pitcher for the Miami Mavericks, is in Whisper Lake for a month to rehab a shoulder injury away from the spotlight of his baseball career and his famous girlfriend. When the beautiful brunette assumes he's her date, he momentarily plays along, enjoying the rare instance of not being seen as a celebrity but as himself...&nbsp;</p><p>When their true identities are revealed, Keira and Dante try to stay away from one another. Keira has family commitments that will keep her in Whisper Lake, and Dante is just passing through. He also has a girlfriend and a job miles away. But sometimes love gets in the way of the best laid plans…&nbsp;</p><p>Compelling, heartwarming, and feel-good romance awaits in IF WE NEVER MET, the next book in the bestselling Whisper Lake Contemporary Romance Series!</p><p>Have you missed any of the Whisper Lake novels?</p><p>Always With Me (#1)
</p><p>My Wildest Dream (#2)</p><p>Can't Fight The Moonlight (#3)</p><p>Just One Kiss (#4)</p><p>If We Never Met (#5)</p><p>Tangled Up In&nbsp;&nbsp;You (#6)&nbsp;</p><p>What the readers are saying about Whisper Lake…</p><p>"ALWAYS WITH ME is a&nbsp;heartwarming second chance romance, with a captivating mystery, that keeps you reading and&nbsp;wondering what happens next." Doni - Goodreads&nbsp;</p><p>"A beautiful second chance love story with a bit of&nbsp;drama and mystery.&nbsp;I loved it!" Peggy - Goodreads on ALWAYS WITH ME</p><p>"Tragedy haunts her, regrets shadow him and passion lures them into a mystery as dangerous as their feelings for each other. Freethy captivates with a sensuous game of tainted hearts and tempting romance. My Wildest Dream is&nbsp;a hotbed of intriguing storytelling. Brodie and Chelsea are sure to get under your skin." Isha C – Goodreads&nbsp;</p><p>"My Wildest Dream has&nbsp;just the right mix of romance and suspense&nbsp;to keep the reader interested from the first chapter to the final page. I loved everything about this book. Visiting Whisper Lake is like coming home and reuniting with old friends. You won’t be disappointed. Norma – Bookbub&nbsp;
</p><p>"I have just finished CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT and&nbsp;WOW such an emotional book. The characters of Justin and Lizzie were so well written, with so much depth. There were scenes in this book that gave me a lump in my throat. Absolutely loved this book...and can’t wait for the next one!" Booklovers Anonymous&nbsp;</p><p>"This book has it all—some laughs, some tears, some drama, and, of course, romance. You’re always guaranteed a happy-ever-after from this author, but it’s the emotional journey she takes the characters on that make it well worth the ride." Stacey – Goodreads on CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT</p><p>"Barbara Freethy does what she does best by giving you&nbsp;real people with real feelings, a lesson in forgiveness and a Christmas story with some zing to it." Lois – Goodreads – JUST ONE KISS
</p><p>"A beautiful story about&nbsp;the importance of family, love and forgiveness, a little boy's Christmas wish and even a Christmas baby! I LOVED this book...I LOVE this series!" Trude&nbsp;– Goodreads on JUST ONE KISS</p>

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