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Kaizen For Leaders: A Continual Improvement Tool to Increase Profit & Organizational Excellence is the eighth book of 'Business Process Management Systems and Continuous Improvement Executive Guide series'.

If you want results fast, then Kaizen is the way …

Kaizen has mainly been used in Japan and many other SE Asian companies and in Europe. Up until now, it has not gained enough significance in North America, because of which it has not been utilized to its full potential.

The root cause is the difference in work culture and corporate governance styles of companies in eastern and western countries; this book eliminates this gap.

Kaizen requires very less investment, therefore can be implemented to its full potential not only in small & mid-size companies but even in startups.

Kaizen following companies can have minimal failures!

This book is an invaluable resource, an essential tool for all business owners, CEOs, other executives and all professionals, who want to update themselves about Kaizen and to discover how Kaizen can help them achieve their business's goals rapidly

About the Author: Shruti Bhat PhD MBA CLSSBB

Dr. Shruti Bhat is an award-winning Business Excellence Leader, Global Continuous Improvement Mastermind, Best-selling Author and Speaker.

With an illustrious career spanning a decade, Shruti has successfully driven over 75 Continuous Improvement projects and still counting …

Shruti is Founder, Managing Director of Innoworks a Canadian Management Consulting company and Dean, Kaizen Leader Academy Canada. She is also a Continuous Improvement Advisor to several startups, mid-size and growing firms in Canada, USA, India, Africa and Emerging markets.

Shruti is a specialist in applying Continuous Improvement to increase sales, improve productivity, save cost, better facility utilization, reduce cycle time & manufacturing overheads, speed-up product development, product anti-counterfeiting, reduce variations, defects & improve quality, increase cash flow and turnaround a sick business.

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