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Nicole has always been a unique girl, and for a Halloween party this year she decided instead of dressing herself up, she'd dress up her hair by stopping into a salon and getting a completely random assortment of rainbow hues dyed into her long gorgeous hair.

But on the way out the door she practically bumps right into a certain always talkative doctor of psychology who has some very interesting insights to share on her choice of colors.

Striking up a quick conversation on the way to her car parked near the alley down the street, this friendly doctor informs Nicole that even if her choices of color weren't knowingly intentional, there are very unique traits those chosen colors represent. For example, he points out, the yellow represents confidence, something Nicole is quick to agree with, always choosing her own path, knowing her decisions are the right ones to make.

But what about the colors he says represent something a bit more personal about Nicole, the colors that speak to a deeper meaning that even she may not have understood about herself? There's a decent chance that Nicole might end up a bit indecent, after finding nothing to disagree with in several of the colors and realizing that other colors may just point to the kind of girl she always was meant to be... and there's certainly no stopping her now?

Halloween with the Kreme reminds readers to stop and have a serious conversation about expressing your inner feelings and attributes... or just dye your hair for Halloween and read what those colors may say about you.

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octubre 16
Kris Kreme
Smashwords, Inc.

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