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If you want to increase profits, eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and develop a remarkable team, then keep reading...

Organizations face rising costs and increasing competition every day. With Lean Six Sigma you can combat these problems and grow your business.

Lean Six Sigma is an amazing methodology that's geared to helping you boost the productivity of your organization while eliminating waste. The idea synthesizes two different concepts – Lean Enterprise or Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma – to give you an excellent idea of how your company is wasting money and resources – and what you can do to combat that. 

This book addresses the different types of wastes and how Lean Six Sigma aims to tackle each, and then it'll give you all the tools you need to start making an effective change in your organization.

In Lean Six Sigma: The Ultimate Guide to Lean Six Sigma, Lean Enterprise, and Lean Manufacturing, with Tools Included for Increased Efficiency and Higher Customer Satisfaction, the following topics will be discussed:

- Understanding Lean Thinking

- The Basics of Six Sigma

- What Is Lean Six Sigma?

- Phases of Lean Six Sigma

- Understanding Customer Needs

- How to Get Top Management Support

- Deployment Planning

- Identifying, Prioritizing, and Selecting Projects

- Value Addition and Waste

- How to Create a Winning Team

- Design for Lean Six Sigma

- And many more topics that could help you increase profits, eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and develop a remarkable team!

So what are you waiting for? Get access to this book now and start streamlining your company today!

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