More Clients Now! 10 Proven Methods To Instantly Generate More Enquiries From Your Website Today

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Your Business.

Whether you are an accountant, architect, coach, consultant, dentist, estate agent, financial adviser, healthcare provider, photographer, solicitor or any other small business owner providing a service, these changes will work on your website.

I have tested them on hundreds of service business websites, some generating millions of pounds worth of fees each year, some generating tens or hundreds of thousand pounds each year, so they will work for your small business too.

Make your business life easier; find out exactly what you need to do to make your small business website deliver as many clients as you want and need.

Who Is This Book For?

This book is for all entrepreneurs, service business owners, practice managers, business development managers, small business owners and is for you if:

You already have a website attracting visitors but are not receiving the volume of enquiries for your services that you would like to receive; and

You do not yet have a business website but would like to know from the start how to create a website design that produces new clients and how to make each page of your website as effective as possible in terms of turning visitors to your website into new clients.

What is included?

This book includes 10 changes that will improve the number of new client enquiries from your website, along with:

* A proven website design template to emulate to generate client enquiries from your website;

* A copywriting checklist to follow when writing each page of content on your website;

How to fix the biggest mistake which most small business and professional service business owners make on their website; and

A bonus item (see below).

Bonus Item – The Most Effective System For Selling High Priced Services

This is a short book, designed so that you can read it and start taking action which will improve your website within one hour. But don't let that make you think it is not packed full of value, it really is. If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or professional service business owner you will be able to use the advice in this book to make changes which will generate more clients for your business.

Possibly one of the highest value items is the bonus item I have included completely free of charge for you because this is one of the most successful tools that I have developed over the last 30 plus years in selling services for myself and for my clients.

If you sell high priced services, this simple three step system will help you to sell more of these services to generate more clients and to create even more profits for your business.

About The Author

Nick Jervis was a solicitor before establishing his marketing consultancy practice in 2003. He has over 20 years’ experience of marketing service based business, including professional service businesses and has spent millions of pounds testing different marketing systems and practices.

The lessons learned he shares with you in this book.

Make Changes Today!

Download this small business marketing book today and start making changes to your website that will generate more new clients for your small business today and every day from today onwards.

Don’t delay, download your copy of More Clients Now!; now.

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