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The most beautiful planet in the galaxy is now open to visitors!

This tropical paradise resort features three gorgeous yet ageless magical hosts, sparkling beaches, mysterious forests, a vibrant casino, and the very special Oasis Spa. Fulfill your dreams on Fantasy Planet!

In Episode 2: Prince Charming, the resort creates a medieval island for their guests' Royal Summit.

> Each night, Prince Jerick comes to Skye in her dreams. As they dance, she can feel his hand on her shoulder and smell his cologne. She can even hear the words of their conversation. Mornings she awakes with a feeling of destiny. But dreams like this don't come true. After all, she has no connection with the royal family.

Everything changes the day Sky is assigned to cover the Royal Summit, which is being held on exclusive Fantasy Planet. It's a far cry from the local crime beat she usually writes about. When she dances with the Prince, it's just like in her dream! But something is off about Jerick, and his motivation for wooing Skye comes into question.

Now is the chance to fulfil her destiny. So why can't she stop thinking about Justin, the activist she met on the shuttle? Skye may have to choose between becoming the most powerful woman in the kingdom…or true love.

> Tealon thinks his brother Justin is an idiot if he believes Skye will choose him over the charismatic and powerful Prince Jerick. Then again, his own love life is in shambles. Falling for Jerick's cruel adviser isn't the smartest thing he's done. But there's something about Henly he can't let go of. And he's pretty sure he's not the villain people think he is. When Henly approaches Tealon with a warning, they must join together to save the kingdom. And Skye's life!

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S.G. Minae
Draft2Digital, LLC

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